Big Red Barn Bazaar

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Big Red Barn Bazaar been around?


Since 2002 (except for 2010 when we had family matters to take care of).


When is the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from November 6 to December 13, 2015.


Where is the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


5780 Kuna Road (between Happy Valley Road and Robinson Road), Kuna, Idaho.  Click on the "Location" tab on the upper right of this screen and get directions from your address!


What are the hours you are open?


Friday 2pm - 6pm

Saturday 10am – 5pm

Sunday 12 noon to 5pm


How many people come to the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


We are very fortunate to have a “following” of repeat customers.  Our estimated count has been well over 1,000 attendees. 


What is the fee to participate at the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


A one time entry fee of $20* and then a 20% commission charged only on the items that sell.  This is for ALL DATES - not just a 3 day weekend.  *Ask how you can get the $20 fee waived.


How do I get the $20 entry fee waived?


There are several ways you can get the $20 entry fee waived.  You can put the Big Red Barn Bazaar on your Facebook page, email all your friends on your email list about the Big Red Barn Bazaar, or you can help place posters out in the community, or you can make cookies to give out to our customers, or you can bring firewood for our fireplace, or you can make a suggestion on what you would like to do.


Do I need to have a sales tax number?


You do not need a sales tax number.  Big Red Barn will collect and pay the sales tax for you.


Do I need to donate my time to work at the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


You are not required to work as a clerk/helper at the bazaar.  We take care of that for you.  But if you'd like to, just let us know so we can contact you just in case we need you.


Do you have a floor plan where I get to choose the area I want?


All items are displayed/setup in an open gift shop format.  You are not designated a certain area/space or spot.  This is called an “open sales floor” and your items will be placed at the discretion of the Big Red Barn.  The goal is to show and sell your items.


Will you accept all my items for the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


All items you wish to submit are subject to being juried.  We attempt not to have duplications of items.  However we can not guarantee this will not happenBut one thing we can let you know from past experience is that Jewelry, Pictures, and Photos are not top sellers.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount of items I need to participate?


If you only have one item or dozens of items, you can be a part of the Big Red Barn Bazaar.


What types of items have been sold at the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


You name it; we have probably had it at one time or another.  Home made crafts, fudge, soaps & lotions, candles, gifts, towels, pillows, aprons, table runners, place mats, Christmas tree skirts, photos, paintings, furniture, Christmas ornaments and set-a-abouts, snowmen, teddy bears, moose items, candy, bracelets and necklaces and other jewelry, cards, gift tags, gift boxes, tole painted items, purses, toys, wood crafts, pens, blankets and throws, scarves and hats, games, wind chimes, hot dog roasting sticks, stilts, wreaths, kitchen accessories, cook books, angels, Santas, dishes, pet gifts, popcorn balls, lamps, home décor items, and even puppies!



When do I bring my items to the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


Once you have been approved, bring your items to the Big Red Barn Bazaar by Sunday, November 1, 2015.  You must make an appointment prior to bringing your items out to the Big Red Barn Bazaar.  Call 208 559-3413 to arrange for your appointment.  Drop-offs are not allowed and Big Red Barn Bazaar can not be responsible for these drop-offs.  You will need to send a list of your items prior to your drop off appointment so we can get your items entered into our data base.  It's OK if the list changes from the time you submit it to the time you bring your items to us; this will help us avoid a “bottle neck” prior to opening date.  More details of this will be provided to you later.


Do you price the items?


Every item you submit must have a price tag with your asking retail price.  This tag must be able to accommodate a 1 ½” by 1” sticker which will have an UPC bar-code and your retail price.  Big Red Barn Bazaar will print these stickers from your submitted list and will apply it on top of your tag that you have already priced.  If your item submitted can have a sticker attached to it directly, then a pre-tag is not necessary.


What if I need one of my items back during the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


You may request to remove your item(s) with at least a 24 hour notice.  Items can not be removed during open hours.  The only way any items are going out the door during open hours is when it is sold.  You are the only one who may remove items during non show hours.


I hear that you charge a fee for everyone to shop at the Big Red Barn, is this true?


Yes, well maybe yes . . . . In the past we had a $1 suggested admission donation at the door (which 100% went to the Charity).  Did everyone who entered donate?  No they didn't, but that is OK because it is just a suggested donation.

For 2015 we have no charity chosen sothere there will be no suggestion admission donation.


How safe is it to leave my items during the week?


The building is secured during non-show hours.  Big Red Barn is not responsible for fire, theft, flood, weather conditions and all those other nasty things.  Utmost care is given to your items.


Do you tell me what price to sell my items at?


Big Red Barn suggests that you sell your items at the same price as you do when you are at other bazaars.  Vendors will not be allowed to mark up their items just because they are at the Big Red Barn Bazaar.  It is not fair to your customers when they purchase your items at the Big Red Barn Bazaar and then see it less at another bazaar.  Are you willing to credit them back the difference?  Remember, you do not have to be present at the Big Red Barn Bazaar - which frees up your time and allows you to do other things - like go to other bazaars where you pay an entry fee anywhere from $25 to $100+ for only a couple of days, and then you have to be there to man your booth.  So you can see why we have several vendors who see the value in doing only the Big Red Barn Bazaar and no other shows.


When do I get paid for the items you sell?


Your payout on items sold will be given to you on pickup day - Sunday, December 6, 2015. 


Can I mark down my items towards the end if they do not sell?


The Big Red Barn Bazaar does not allow markdowns once the items have been submitted.  This is not fair to our early buying customers.  How would you feel if you bought an item the first week and then saw an identical item marked down at the end.  We feel the value of your items remain the same throughout the Big Red Barn Bazaar.  We are not a discount/price slashing bargain barn.  We are known as a great place to get great items at a fair price.  So don’t over price your items.  Remember, we only charge 20% commission when most others will charge from 30% or 40% or even more.


When do I pick up my items that have not sold?


You may pickup your items Sunday, December 6, 2015 between noon and 5pm.  You must make an appointment to pickup your items.  Any items left after December 13, 2015 will be considered abandon and donated to charity.  Why do we do this?  Because there have been several people in the past who have never come back to get their items or their money!


Why must I call and make an appointment to drop by my items or to pick them up?


We have "real jobs" during the week.  We are available weekdays after 5pm and anytime Saturday and Sunday; but please call, we do not sit around waiting for your call.  We make every attempt to meet your needs.


I have a friend that does crafts; can they be a part of the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


Yes, tell all your crafty friends!  But you can not combine your items together and enter them as one vendor.


How do I  make a request to be a part of the Big Red Barn Bazaar?


It's easy!  Just click on our email address below and tell us what you have.  And if you can send pics in the email that would be great!